New Platforms at Antalya Film Forum Excites Filmmakers!

Part of the 54th International Antalya Film Festival, “Antalya Film Forum” which will be held for the fourth time is flooded with applications. Directed by Zeynep Atakan, new platforms at “Forum” gets a lot of attention from filmmakers.

Antalya Film Forum, which will be held between 22-26 October, gets a lot of attention from filmmakers for increasing the support given to the film industry and its new platforms.

Director of the Forum, Zeynep Atakan, continues live streams in social media in order to answer questions about the Forum and help young filmmakers.

The live stream Atakan did the other day attracted huge interest. The stream, which was watched by 1200people, attracted hundreds of questions about the “Forum.”  Young filmmakers asked their questions especially about the new platforms of the Forum such AS YAP (Projects Looking for Producers Platform: Script Development and Project Design) and Sümer Tilmaç Antalya Film Support Fund. Short films, which will be at the Forum this year for the first time, were among topics that attracted huge interest as well.

Zeynep Atakan also explained to the filmmakers the items required in the applications such as “synopsis”, “treatment”, “director’s view.” Atakan answered the question of why the advisory board and the jury consists mostly of foreigners as, “The Forum, as a co-production and project development market, aims to internationally promote projects in Turkey as well as increase international co-operation. We chose the advisory board and jury members from international industry professionals considering this.”

Atakan also commented on the selection criteria for the films and said, “There are 4 important criteria for selection. Originality, creativity, international potential and feasibility.”