Danis Tanovic: “I started to make war movies in the middle of war”

The 54th International Antalya Film Festival continues with film screenings and Q&As with screenwriters, directors and producers. World famous Bosnian director Danis Tanovic answered questions at a press conference. Tanovic mentioned the Bosnian War and said that he was only a student when he first picked up a camera and started shooting a war film. On how he doesn’t have music in his films, Tanovic said that he lets the audience choose.

I started out by filming during the Bosnian War”

Pointing out the importance of festivals, Danis Tanovic said that events like these are truly great chances to watch artistic films. A film student in Sarajevo when the war started, Tanovic remarked that he doesn’t see filmmaking as a business. He said, “I was a film student when war started in my country. I picked up the camera and started filming the war while I was in the middle of it. Therefore I never saw filmmaking as a business. I see it as art, not business.”

I let the audience decide about film music”

Leaving the choice of film music to the audience and not using any music in his films in general, Tanovic said, “I can’t say I have a lot of music in my films. I only like having music when telling certain stories. I believe music should give a feeling. The music in the film depends on the director’s choice. Concepts of the right music or the best are relative. So in my films I let the audience choose. For example, if the scripts that come to me went to 5 different directors, everyone would shoot with a different perspective and choose different music. This is all about the director’s style.”