A Film like a Slap in The Face!

Director Andaç Haznedaroğlu, whose officially selected film in the 54th International Antalya Film Festival “The Guest” (Misafir) is about victims of war, lead actress Jordanian Saba Mubarak and Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu met with fans in Antalya.

This Is a Human Tragedy

Stating that she lived with refugees for three and a half years, Andaç Haznedaroğlu said, “I firsthand witnessed everything you see in the film. For a year they didn’t know who I was. They were very surprised when I offered them roles in the film. Everything you see in the film is real and unfortunately this is a human tragedy.”


First I Declined the Offer

On how she thought about quitting acting before reading the script, lead actress of the film Saba Mubarak said, “I first declined the offer when it came. Then I read the script and I was very moved, I called back immediately. What I have seen in Turkey truly changed my life. My mother was also a refugee and I know exactly what that means.”


A Slap in the Face!

Upon getting a comment on how her film, which is about what eight-year-old Meryem has to go through after losing all her family, is “A slap in the face” Andaç Haznedaroğlu expressed her gratitude and said, “My lifestyle changed after the long period of time I stayed there. Many children without parents continue to live in pain. It is OK if I don’t make films from now on; I will continue to be the voice of children.”