Rules and Regulations




The International Antalya Film Festival is a FIAPF (International Federation of Film Producers Associations) accredited competitive specialised feature film festival, and as such agrees to adhere to the international regulations of that body.

The International Antalya Film Festival (the Festival) is organized by the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya with the mission of ensuring that film and TV creations are central to the cultural and business life of Antalya


The aims of the Festival are:





Article 1


The 54th edition of the International Antalya Film Festival will be held between October 21st and 27th, 2017.


Article 2


The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is the executive decision-making organ for the Festival.


Article 3


The 54th International Antalya Film Festival is comprised of the following sections:


International Competition

Gala screenings

Children programme


Film and Food programme 





Selection procedure





International Titles

National Titles




International Competition

By invitation

Open for submission

Gala Screenings

By invitation

By invitation

Children programme

By invitation

Open for submission


By invitation

By invitation

Film and Food programme

By invitation

Open for submission


Article 4


Antalya Film Forum (AFF) is a co-production outreach platform for projects from Turkey in their pre-production or production stage. The Antalya Film Forum is regulated by its own individual regulations, and runs a separate program of activities).




Article 5


The programmer’s team, under the authority of the Artistic Director, selects and invites the films to be presented in the Festival’s International Competition section, as well as in other non-competitive Festival sections.


Article 6


Submissions for Turkish film(s) in competition will be accepted only if they fit the requirements for the section:



Article 7


The standard screening format for the Festival is DCP. Other formats are only available upon request, depending on the theatre.


Article 8


The producer of the selected film must ensure the presence of at least one member of the one member of the selected film’s cast and crew (director, producer, lead actor and actress) at the Festival. The Festival will cover travel expenses and accommodation for six nights for all present cast and crew members (4 persons at most).


Article 9


The cast and crew members of the selected film present at the Festival are obliged to promote the film through participating at official press conference, photo call, introduction prior to the film's screening and interviews with selected media partners.


Article 10


Once the film has been selected and the invitation to participate at the Festival is accepted, the film cannot be withdrawn from the Festival programme. The selected films must comply with the screening laws of their origin country.


Article 11


All films must be presented in their original language and, where this language is other than English, the print of the film must be subtitled in English (if not otherwise specified). Subtitling expenses are to be met by the Participant.


Furthermore, all films with dialogues in a language other than Turkish will be subtitled in Turkish. If the film has a Turkish distributor, any subtitling expenses are to be met by the local distributor. If this is not the case and the film does not have a local distributor, the production and presentation of local language electronic subtitles is the responsibility of the Festival.


Article 12


All film entries, unless otherwise specified, must be submitted to the Festival for selection by September 8, 2017.


The Festival is not obliged to offer comments or reasons for not selecting a film submitted for one of Festival's programmes.


Article 13


All submissions must contain the following:



Alternatively, submissions can be sent by mail, containing a copy of duly completed Entry Form and the screener in „.mp4“ file-format, labeled with the film's title, director's name, and language of subtitles (if the film's original language is other than English, on-screen English subtitles are required). Submissions must be sent fully pre-paid to the address as indicated on the Entry Form plus specifying the Festival programme that you are applying for. The Festival reserves the right to refuse any shipment entailing additional costs.


For films selected to be screened at the Festival, these materials must also be sent:


•          Photo of the director

•          Director’s biography and filmography

•          One or more stills from the film

•          Dialogue or spotting list in English

•          Film clips / trailer

•          Poster of the film in electronic form

•          Photos of the leading actor/ actress

•          Leading actor/ actress biography and filmography

•          List of cast and crew members attending the Festival


None of the above listed required materials will be returned.


Article 14


The Festival may use all materials cited in Article 13 for promotional purposes and in order to compile the Festival Catalogue. The Festival bears no responsibility for published inaccuracies originating in submitted materials.


Article 15


During the Festival, selected films will be available in the digital video library, open exclusively to accredited film professionals and journalists.

By accepting to be part of the Festival, Participants grant permission for their film to be included in the video library unless other arrangements have been made with the Festival.


Article 16


All prints of selected films must arrive in Turkey by October 15th 2017 and must be made available for the entire festival period, unless otherwise agreed. It is obligatory for the Participant to follow the Festival's shipping instructions (to be sent to film producer, director or another film representative along with the letter of acceptance of the film).


The Festival will cover one-way shipping costs for all selected films, unless otherwise agreed. The Festival will be responsible for customs clearance in Turkey.


All prints will be returned within four weeks following the Festival closing date. The Festival will respect the wishes of Participants concerning return shipment of their film to the greatest extent possible. In the case that a print is to be returned to an address different to that of the sender, this must to be clearly noted, along with the desired date of arrival at the return address.


The insurance of the film print goes into effect the moment the film is received by courier agent in Turkey. The insurance remains in effect until the film is re-shipped. Unless otherwise arranged, in the event of damage or loss of the screening copy during the Festival, the Festival is only responsible for the cost of producing a new screening copy based on current standard laboratory rates.


Damage to the film print must be reported to the Festival in writing within one month following the return of the print and prior to the film's next screening. Any claims will be judged by the reported state of the print.




Article 17


The Jury for the International Competition programme will be comprised of at least 5 prominent experts in the field of arts and culture, film theory and criticism as well as filmmakers and producers.

The majority of Jury members will come from countries other than Festival host country.

No Jury member will be assigned if previously had taken part in the making of any film in competition.

The President of the Jury is designated by the Festival Administration.

A representative chosen by the Festival Administration has the right to attend the meetings of the Festival Jury solely for informative purposes; the representative will take no part in, nor in any way influence, the voting.

Members of the Jury will vote by open ballot, and jury decisions will be reached by a simple majority of votes.


Article 18


The Festival shall grant the following Awards:


Name of the Award

Cash Prize

Awarded by

About the Award


Best Film

50.000 Euro

The Jury

Cash prize divided equally between ther producer and the director. No Ex aequo awards possible

Best Director

25.000 Euro

The Jury

Awarded to the director of a film in the Competition other than the Best Film award winning film. No Ex aequo awards possible.

Best Actress

2.500 Euro

The Jury

No Ex aequo awards possible.

Best Actor

2.500 Euro

The Jury

No Ex aequo awards possible.

Special Jury Award


The Jury

Awarded to the emerging talent in national titles. In any position of the film. No Ex aequo awards possible.



The Jury

Awarded to the emerging talent in national titles, in any position in the film. No Ex aequo awards possible.


10.000 Euro

Voting audience

Awarded tot he Turkish distributer of the film for futher promotion of the title in the national market

Honorary Awards


Festival administration

4 awards

All stated amounts represent the net amounts of cash prizes.


Article 19


Award winners are expected to attend the Festival Closing Ceremony to be held on October 27th, 2017. Award winners are obligated to mention the award as announced, nationally as well as internationally, in all publicity and promotional materials.


Article 20


The invitation sent for each film in the International Competition section selected by the Festival must remain strictly confidential between the Festival Management and the Participant until such time that the Festival decides to make an official announcement in this regard.


Article 21


Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of all aforementioned regulations. The Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has the power to settle all issues not covered by these Regulations.