Michal Vinik

Michal Vinik

Guy Raz

Maya Kenig

Daphna Keenan

Lena Fraifeld, Dasha Tvoronovich, Yaakov Zada Daniel, Avraham Shalom Levi

Lama Films, Ayelet Kait, Amir Harel    

Valeria Is Getting Married

Christina is a Ukrainian woman who moved to Israel through a ‘bride-to-order’ kind of deal. Compared to things back in Ukraine, life in Israel is great for Christina. She works in a beauty salon, earns her own money, and loves Israel. Her Israeli husband, Michael, is also satisfied with the marriage and happy to have found a woman who can live with him. In fact, he’s so satisfied that he starts his own small business scouting for Ukrainian brides for other Israeli men. Michael’s recent match is a special one—the bride is Valeria, and she’s Christina’s younger sister. Michael went out of his way to find the best man he could get for her. His name is Eitan, and while he may not be the most handsome guy in the country, he is a good-hearted, generous man. However, Valeria is different from her older sister. And the whole delicate balance is in jeopardy.

Michal Vinik

Born in Haifa in 1976, Michal Vinik graduated from the Film and Television Department of Tel-Aviv University as a scriptwriter and director on the MFA program (winning two scholarships for excellence). She is currently working on her third feature, You Are My Everything, and preparing to shoot the second season of The Missing File, a television drama adapted from Dror Mishani's novels. She has written several television series and co-created her own series, Who Gave You a License?, with Daniella Doron and Talya Lavie. Valeria is Getting Married is Michal's second feature film. She teaches scriptwriting at Tel Aviv University and lives with her two children in Tel Aviv.

Israel, Ukraine 2022
DCP, Colour