Stella Sema Yeşiltaç

Stella Sema Yeşiltaç

Director of Photography
Björn Siepmann

Jan von Rimscha

Stella Sema Yeşiltaç

Production Company

Shadows on My Soul

What does “social integration” mean? What has the experience been of different generations of migrant workers in Germany? Director, Stella Sema Yeşiltaç, looks for answers through the story of her own family. Her investigation brings to the screen the different perspectives of her parents, who have lived apart in Germany and Turkey for years, and of her four siblings. Her siblings are close, but have grown up in different cultural environments. As a consequence, each of them has a distinct personal identity. Shadows on My Soul explores the fluid and multi-dimensional structure of social and national identity.


Stella Sema Yeşiltaç

Stella Sema Yeşiltaç studied German Philology and History at the University of Düsseldorf. She was a jury member for LUCAS – International Festival for Young Film Lovers in 2002. Since then, she has directed, shot reports and developed formats for public and private television. In 2016, she produced the campaign “When Numbers Become Faces” for the international organization, Samaritan International, where she gave a voice to volunteers and refugees. Shadows on My Soul (Eğer Ruh Donarsa...)is the first independent documentary she has made with her production company, yesfilm.

Turkey 2020
DCP, Colour