Sidar İnan Erçelik

Sidar İnan Erçelik

Director of Photography
Sidar İnan Erçelik

Sidar İnan Erçelik

Osman Ada

Sidar İnan Erçelik

Production Company
Ağaç Gölgesi Film

Wind Horse

Despite being in his dream career, Selim, a famous jockey, finds himself questioning his lost enthusiasm for the racing business, which he compares to a graveyard. Osman, a former regional horse racer, is taming a wild horse he caught in the hills of the village where he lives. He earns a living as a shepherd and raises his sons, Emre and İbrahim, with his own principles. Fourteen-year-old İbrahim, who is to enter his first race with this horse, represents the past Selim had as a shepherd boy.


Sidar İnan Erçelik

Born in Bitlis in 1980, Erçelik began his professional career as a theater actor and director before crossing over to film. The three short documentaries he has made to date—Black Partridge (Siyah Keklik, 2011), The Cure (Derman, 2014) and Bossless (Patronsuzlar, 2016)—all screened at various festivals. He completed Wind Horse (Rüzgâr Tayı) in 2020 and is currently working on his second feature-length documentary, Zülfiye.

Turkey 2020
DCP, Colour