Selman Nacar

Selman Nacar

Tudor Vladimir Panduru

Buğra Dedeoğlu, Melik Kuru, Selman Nacar

Art Director
A. Tosca Wegner

Mücahit Koçak, Nezaket Erden, Burcu Gölgedar, Bedir Bedir, Ünal Silver

Burak Çevik, Diloy Gülün, Selman Nacar

Production Company
Kuyu Film

Between Two Dawns

Kadir plans to meet his girlfriend’s parents for the first time that evening, but his day pans out unexpectedly following a work accident at his father’s textile factory. He takes on the job of informing the worker’s family. Kadir wants to be a part of the solution and is prepared to do everything he can for the worker’s family. But as the hours pass, he feels that all the values on which he has built his life have been shaken. When he goes to meet the parents of the girl he wants to marry, his mind is still on the events of the day. He realizes that he can’t continue living life as before, but the things he will experience ‘between two dawns’ are not over yet. In his first film, Selman Nacar uses a protagonist to examine both class relations and the human psyche in a state of conflict and contradiction, and in so doing he questions the limits of conscience.


He graduated from Bilgi University Faculty of Law in 2015 and from the Cinema Department of the same university in 2016. He earned a master’s degree in directing from Columbia University and taught film directing at the same university. He was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus and the First Films First seminar. The first screenings of the films The Pillar of Salt and Belonging, of which he was the main producer, took place in the Forum Section of the Berlin Film Festival.

Turkey, France, Romania, Spain,2021
DCP, Renkli