Ümit Kıvanç

Gaye Boralıoğlu

Director of Photography
Vedat Özdemir

Ümit Kıvanç

Settar Tanrıoğen, Halil Babür

Çiğdem Mater

Production Company
Ret Film

Ah, Asuman!

Ahmet, a law student, dozes off on an overnight bus ride. When he wakes up, he realizes the bus is trailing a slow-moving truck and complains to the driver, Fahri. On the back of the truck is the picture of a woman. Fahri says he knows her and tells Ahmet a gripping tale of passion. Fahri was crazy for the woman, a night-club singer called Asuman, left his wife and children, and rented a house for her in Diyarbakır. But their relationship didn’t last long: one night, Fahri came back to find an empty home. The picture on the truck is of Asuman, a one-time photography model. Ahmet doesn’t believe the strange story at first, but then he listens. At the end of the story, a truth emerges that leads to Ahmet and Fahri’s lifelong friendship.


Ümit Kıvanç
Born in Istanbul in 1956. He studied communications and media. Kıvanç has worked for national daily newspapers and weekly news magazines as an editor, reporter and photographer, as well as writing columns for several dailies. He has published novels, short stories and also some essays on politics, mass-media and journalism. Since the mid-1990s, he has been making documentaries, experimental films, shorts and music videos and worked as a cinematographer and editor.

Turkey, 2019
DCP, Colour