Aziz Alaca

Aziz Alaca

Director of Photography
İman Tahsin

Aziz Alaca

Antony Lazaro

Zöhre Koçkan Çelik


After having a bad day, Ece is drunk when she meets Tahsin at a bar. Tahsin has come to Ankara for a few days for business. Ece invites him to her house, which is located in a suburban area at the fringes of the city. Tahsin wakes up early the next day and wants to surprise Ece with fresh croissants for breakfast. He goes out and wanders the streets, finally finding some fresh croissant. However, he has a hard time returning to Ece's house, getting lost among very similar wide streets and high buildings. Ece is awake and finding the note Tahsin left for her, is waiting at home for Tahsin’s return.


Aziz Alaca

After graduating from ITU Computer Engineering, he took lessons in cinema from Hüseyin Kuzu, Ömer Kavur, Semir Aslanyürek and Uğur İçbak at the Cinema Directors Association in İstanbul. He moved to Germany in 2002 and studied as Assistant Director at Berlin ISFF. He took part in many projects with cinema circles in Berlin and Regensburg. He returned to Turkey and founded Ankara Film House in 2013.

Turkiye,  2023