İlke İşisağ

İlke İşisağ

Görkem Taş

Ferhat Yüksel, İlke İşisağ

Atilla Çelik

Özge Borak, Beyti Ebgin, Serhan Aslan, Devrim Nas

Koral Altın

Ms. Leyla

Leyla Atakan, Turkey's First Elected Female Mayor and her teammates bring a sense of social municipality and many new services to Izmit. A tragic accident forces them to leave their work unfinished. 

İlke İşisağ

Born in 1996 in Bodrum, İlke İşisağ is a film director, scriptwriter, producer and photographer. His directing work includes short documentaries, digital contents, TV shows, TV commercials and music videos. With the short films in the docudrama genre he shot for social responsibility projects, he attracted the attention of the national press and made a nationwide impact. He has a production company called Co. Creative that produces digital content and commercials for many brands.

Turkey 2022, DCP, Colour, B&W, 51’
Turkish; English sub.