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Görkem Yeltan

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Görkem Yeltan

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Mehmet Güreli

Yalçın Akyıldız, Görkem Yeltan

Karina Film Prodüksiyon (Yalçın Akyıldız, Görkem Yeltan)

Abdurrahman Keskiner

Once Upon A Time Yeşilçam - Abdurrahman Keskiner

This is a documentary from Mehmet Güreli about the famous producer Abdurrahman Keskiner, who took great strides in promoting our country’s cinema to the world and who is one of the shining lights of our cinema.

Mehmet Güreli

Painter, musician, writer and director Mehmet Güreli was born in 1949. He studied literature and philosophy. Alope’s Room, The Dreams and the Streets, Bedrufi’s Breath and Ant from a City, which won the Yunus Nadi and Vedat Türkali Story Awards in 2022, were published by Sel Publications. Güreli has recorded seven albums and opened dozens of art exhibits. He directed a short film called The Ferries (1986), two documentaries: Take Me and Use Me! Portrait of an Actor: Necdet Mahfi Ayral (2003) and A Voyage to İstanbul - From the Eyes of International Authors (2006) and two feature films: Shadow (2008) and Four Cornered Triangle (2018).

Turkey, 2022, DCP, 71’
Turkish; English sub.