Selected Projects


The line-up of Series/Short Series Pitching Platform projects selected to compete at the Forum has been unveiled. This year, 75 projects were submitted to the Series/Short Series Pitching Platform of the Antalya Film Forum, a sidebar event of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival that provides funding and networking support to newly emerging projects. The preselection jury consisted of Arya Su Altıoklar Director of the Grow Creative Turkey team at Netflix, Eccho Rights CEO Fredrik af Malmborg, and director-screenwriter Tunç Şahin. The preselection jury selected five titles to compete in the platform.

  • AZIZE AND ADSIZ Creators: Erdal Rahmi Hanay, Nejat Cihan Yurdaün | Director: Erdal Rahmi Hanay |  Producers: Ousama Rawi, Dalya Sulaiman
  • BOHEMIAN CATS Creators: Sinan Yusufoğlu, Mahmut Fazıl Çoşkun | Director: Mahmut Fazıl Çoşkun | Producers: Sinan Yusufoğlu, Mahmut Fazıl Çoşkun
  • HIGH COURT Creators: Yusuf Emirdar, Uğur Karaman | Producer: Oğuzhan Akalın
  • INFAMOUS CULPRIT Creator: Ozan Sertdemir | Producer:  Burak Varlık
  • SPIDER Creators: Doğuş Algün, Kayra Babalık | Director: Doğuş Algün | Producer: Burak Kaplan

Among the selected projects, after the main jury evaluation, one project will receive the Netflix Grow Creative Project Development Support worth TL 150 thousand. Another one will receive Netflix Series-Lab Program Participation Award.  In addition, one of the projects will be awarded the Color Up Color Grading Award.