Documentaries Work in Progress Platform Line-Up

These are the five finalists for Documentaries Work In Progress Platform!

This year a total of 22 projects applied for the Documentaries Work In Progress Platform.

The selection committee consisted of Martichka Bozhilova – the producer of Golden Bear winning Touch Me Not, among others, and the director of Balkan Documentary Centre; Olivier Tournoud from Cinephil, the sales and distribution representative of worldwide-renowned documentary titles; and director, producer, and consultant Zeynep Güzel. The committee selected five titles to compete in the platform. 

The main jury will award two projects a total of TL60thousand. One project will be awarded Sound Post Production by Postbıyık Post Production, one project will receive Film Standards Colour Correction Award, and one Başka Sinema Distribution Award.


A Day, 365 Hours

Director: Eylem Kaftan

Producers: Lynette Fortune, Eylem Kaftan, Zeynep Koray

A Piece of Home

Director, Producer: Mümin Barış


Director: Gürcan Keltek 

Producers: Gürcan Keltek, Marc van Goethem, Arda Çiltepe

Road to Tokyo

Directors: Efe Öztezdoğan, İpek Kent

Producers: Aslıhan Altuğ, Haluk Koçak

What’s the Name of the Film?

Director, Producer: Pınar Fontini