Series / Short Series Pitching Platform Line-Up

These are the finalists of Series/Short Series Pitching Platform!

This platform was launched last year to address the increasing importance and role of television series in the industry. This year, a total of 21 projects have applied for the platform and five have been selected. 

The selection committee consisted of award-winning film and series producer C. Aslı Filiz, the former director of ARTE and ZDF film departments and producer Meinolf Zurhorst, andBluTV content sales representative Şehnaz Uğur. The committee selected the following titles to be considered in this platform.

This year the jury will award one project competing within the Series/Mini-Series Pitching Platform TL35thousand support by BluTV. One project will be awarded Colour Grading Award by Colour Up and one project will receive Project Bible Design Award by Daire Creative


Bar Scene

Creator, Director: İsmail Özgür Balamir

Producer: Can Aygör


Creator, Producer: Sedat Tanrıkolu

Director: Salih Toprak

Committee of Bad Decisions

Creators: Ahmet İlker Coşkun, Deniz Bayraktaroğlu

Director: Ahmet İlker Coşkun

Producer: Hazal Özeren


Creators: Yiğit Hepsev, Büke Akşehirli, Aslıhan Altuğ

Director: Yiğit Hepsev

Producers: Aslıhan Altuğ, Büke Akşehirli

The Threshold

Creator: Ali Ufuk

Director: Ceren Arslan

Producer: Rıfat Erkek