Features Work in Progress

Antalya Film Forum Features Work in Progress Platform’s selection has been announced. This year, 25 projects have applied to Features Work in Progress. director and consultant in many film festivals such as Venice Mostra del Cinema, Rome, Cinéma du Réel - Center Pompidou, French film curator Marie Pierre Duhamel, Best Film Oscar nominee “Tangerines / Mandarin Garden” and Best Film in Foreign Language Golden Globe-nominated "The Fencer” among them found that many film producers and experienced sound designer Ivo Felt and co founder of Bir Film which is an independent film distribution company, director of " Hamam "(2009), "Yalnızca Tek Bir Gün” 2013, (2013) Karışık Kaset ”(2014) and creater, screenwriter and director of BluTV production project TV 7Yüz Tunç Şahin selected the following 7 projects among these projects.



Following their presentation to the Main Jury of Feature Work in Progress will award  2 projects will be awarded a total of 120 thousand TL. In addition to that one project will be awarded with the TRT Award worth 50 thousand TL, one project will win with Mojo FX Visual Effects Award and one project will win Creative Production Color Editing Award.