Features Work in Progress Platform


The line-up of Features Work In Progress projects selected to compete at the Forum has been unveiled.

This year, 16 projects were submitted to the Features Work-in-ProgressPlatform of the Antalya Film Forum, a sidebar event of the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival that provides funding and networking support to newly emerging projects. Five projects have been shortlisted from the 16 submissions by a selection committee comprised of: Burcu Hanağasıoğlu, the Content Acquisitions Director at Kanal D and Teve2; Emma Boa, Senior Projects Manager for the Edinburgh International Film Festival; and Geremia Biagiotti, Sales and Marketing Director for the Italian film distributor, Intramovies, which last year picked up two projects from the Antalya Film Forum.

  • DIALOGUE Director: Ali Tansu Turhan | Producers: Ali Tansu Turhan, Burcu Uğuz
  • SNOW AND THE BEAR Director: Selcen Ergun | Producer: Nefes Polat
  • CORRIDOR Director: Erkan Tahhuşoğlu | Producers: Zeynep Koray, İris Tahhuşoğlu, Yunus Yunusoğlu
  • TIME OF IMPATIENCE Director: Aydın Orak | Producer: Aydın Orak
  • ZUHAL Director: Nazlı Elif Durlu | Producer: Anna Maria Aslanoğlu

The jury will vote to award monetary prizes of TL80 thousand and TL40 thousand to two different projects. One project in the category will also win the TL50 thousand TRT Award and one project will get the Başka Sinema Distribution and Promotion Award.