Documentaries Work in Progress Platform


The line-up of Documentary Work-in-Progress projects selected to compete at the Forum has been unveiled.

For the Documentary Work-in-Progress category, 32 submissions were received, from which seven projects were shortlisted to pitch at the Forum by a selection committee composed of: Karolina Lidin, a documentary consultant for Nordisk Film & TV Fond with 25 years of international experience; Martina Droandi, documentary distributor at Autlook Film Sales who has spent many years working as a short film producer and distributor across Europe; and Özge Calafato, an academic who has worked as a selection committee member, curator and consultant for a number of festivals and institutions, including the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Documentarist, DOK Leipzig, Doha Film Institute and DokuFest.

  • LEAVE THE DOOR OPEN Director: Ümran Safter | Producer: Suraj Sharma
  • DRIFTING Director: Somnur Vardar | Producer: Somnur Vardar
  • WITCH TRILOGY 15+ Director: Ceylan Özgün Özçelik | Producer: Armağan Lale
  • DUET Directors: İdil Akkuş, Ekin İlkbağ | Producer: Ali Bilgin
  • WITHIN THE SHADOW OF MEMORIES Director: Şafak Şahin | Producer: Emek Yıldırım Şahin
  • WHITEWASH Director: Ahmet Necdet Çupur | Producers: Nadir Öperli, Delphine Morel, Anke Petersen
  • LIFE BEYOND BORDERS Director: Haydar Demirtaş | Producers: Haydar Demirtaş, Can Deniz Şahin, Hasan Demirtaş

The Jury will award two projects with the monetary awards 30 thousand TL each, in this category. Postbıyık Post Production will give Postbıyık Sound Post Production Award to one project. One project in the category will also win the Başka Sinema Distribution Award.