Rûken Tekeş

Rûken Tekeş

Director of Photography
Ute Freund, Deniz Eyüboğlu Aydın, Merle Jothe, Andres Lizano Prado

Marco Spoletini, Rûken Tekeş

Rûken Tekeş, Billur Arıkan, Gabriele Oricchio

Production Company
Sarya Films Collective, Fabula Medya A.Ş.


A filmmaker’s 21-day homage to capture the ethereal essence of her unique ancient homeland soon to be submerged by a hydroelectric dam, Aether is instinctively carried and driven by emotions, feelings and observations. It reveals the place’s truths following its own unencumbered chronology. An invitation to a free-minded voyage into nature’s cycle of birth-death-rebirth.


Rûken Tekeş
Born in 1976, in Diyarbakır. From 1997-2010 she lived between Istanbul, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, Venice, Kiev, San Diego and Moscow. She spent many years working as a human rights expert for the United Nations and lecturing on human rights. Since 2015, she has been writing and directing screenplays on social, political and environmental issues. She made her first short, Hevêrk / The Circle in 2016. Aether (2019) is her first full-length film.

Turkey, Italy, 2019
DCP, Colour