Hasan Basri Özdemi̇r, Emre Karadaş

Hasan Basri Özdemi̇r, Emre Karadaş

Director of Photography
Sedat Erzik

Hasan Basri Özdemi̇r

Hasan Basri Özdemi̇r

Blue Hotel

This documentary films holds up a mirror to the lives of Afghan refugees in Turkey, who scrape a living from collecting waste paper.


Hasan Basri Özdemi̇r
Born in 1983, in Adana. He studied Radio, Film and Television at the University of Erciyes. His documentaries have been shown and won awards at several festivals. He is the founding president of the Anatolian Filmmakers' Association and the Kayseri Golden Plane Tree Film Festival.

Emre Karadaş
Born in 1984, in İstanbul. He graduated from the Radio, Television and Cinema Department of Selçuk University. His short films and documentaries have screened, and won awards at film festivals in Turkey and abroad. Alongside his own projects, he has worked as a cinematographer in film, television and advertising since 2012.

Turkey, 2019
DCP, Colour