Tankut Kılınç

Tankut Kılınç

Director of Photography
Arda Yıldıran
Armağan Gündüz
Tankut Kılınç

Mesut Ulutaş
Fırat Güler

Hüseyin Hüsnü Karşın
Janset Paçal
Hilmi Özçelik
Gürsel Akay

Tankut Kılınç
Selda Oknas

Production Company
Makara Film

Dersaadet Apartment

Altan, a physics professor who has spent years working in green energy in the US, moves back to his childhood city, Istanbul, after losing his parents. However, the city of his dreams is gone and he finds a whole different world in its place: a world of gravel and steel where earthmoving trucks work day and night. And Dersaadet Apartment, the home he fondly remembers, is the target of regeneration plans. When he discovers the building is to be turned over to a developer and replaced with luxury residences, Altan feels compelled to fight to save his family home. He’s accompanied in his battle by the mellifluous voice of Deren on the radio every day, reminding him of what really matters, and by a turtle, an unlikely survivor on the construction site that epitomizes how home is an inseparable part of us.


Tankut Kılınç

Born in Ankara, Kılınç graduated from the Film and TV Department of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. In 2004, he founded Makara Film. He produced Yüksel Aksu’s Ice Cream, I Scream (Dondurmam Gaymak, 2006) and line produced the documentary, Last Nomads In Anatolia: Sarıkeçililer (Anadolu’nun Son Göçerleri Sarıkeçililer, 2010). Dersaadet Apartment (Dersaadet Apartmanı) is his directorial feature debut.

Turkey 2020
DCP, Colour