Yasin Çetin
Barış Gördağ

Hazel Sevim Ünsal
Özlem Çakan
Yasin Çetin
Barış Gördağ

Director of Photography
Kaan Çalışkan

Buğra Dedeoğlu

Nergis Öztürk
Yunus Emre Yıldırımer
Güliz Şirinyan

Hayati Yılmaz

Production Company
Zeytin Yapım


When İlhan, a philosophy professor, discovers that she’s soon to enter menopause, her mind tells her she should have a child right away. When she was growing up, her mother doted on her brothers so much that she had little in the way of love for İlhan. And this has made her want to have her own ideal family. Having broken up with her boyfriend, she enlists the services of Mustafa, a postgraduate psychology student, in return for payment. A difficult pregnancy results in her having to stay in Mustafa’s family village outside Malatya. There, she meets a little deaf girl who has just lost her grandmother. Young Zel, who can’t even speak, is instantly drawn to İlhan because her perfume reminds her of the smell of her grandmother’s daffodils. In the film, which makes the point that love can only be born of love, İlhan will learn from Zel the meaning of true, unconditional love.


Yasin Çetin

Born in Kale, Malatya in 1987, Çetin began his career as an intern on the TV series, Betrothed in the Cradle. He has worked as an assistant director on several series including Forbidden Love. Fragrance is his debut feature.

Barış Gördağ

Born in Adıyaman in 1994, Gördağ graduated from the Department of Radio, TV and Film at Istanbul University in 2018. He then began working in the film industry. Fragrance is his debut feature.

Turkey 2020
DCP, Colour