Orçun Benli̇

Orçun Benli̇
Şükrü Üçpınar

Director of Photography
Tufan Kılınç

Fırat Terzioğlu

Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan
Kaan Yıldırım
Hande Doğandemi̇r
Bülent Emrah Parlak
Ni̇lperi̇ Şahi̇nkaya

Orçun Benli̇
Şükrü Üçpınar
Bulut Reyhanoğlu
Kaan Yıldırım
Yusuf Zi̇ya Benli̇

Production Company
Uzak Yakın


After leaving his job as a police officer, Ayhan sets off for the hunting cabin he often stays in with his family. He wants both to collect his thoughts and to get the cabin in order. Far away from the organization he served for years, he will begin a new life in the forest home. During an uneasy hunting trip, he shoots a weasel. That same moment, Karadayı appears and warns Ayhan that the partner of the dead weasel is sure to be back for revenge. Ayhan already lives with the fear that someone will come after him for crimes he committed in the line of duty. And he now begins to slip deeper into his own paranoia, to blur the lines between what’s real and what isn’t. Is it the weasel that’s after him, or Karadayı, or his murky past? The answer to these questions lies buried in a mass grave that he stumbles on in the forest. Weasel is a psychological thriller that unfolds in the political atmosphere of the 1990s in the shadow of unsolved murders.


Orçun Benli

He graduated at the Cinema and TV depertmant of Academy Istanbul in 2002. He directed is first film Bu son Olsun in 2011. He attended the production workshops at New York Film Academy, run by Spielberg’s executive producer Ashley Bank in 2015. He took private lessons from Paul Brown (screenwriter of X files and Star Trek). He is also the director of Gulyabani (2013), 5 Dakkada Değişir Bütün İşler (2015), Hep Yek 2 (2016), and Ver Kaç (2017).

Turkey 2020
DCP, Colour