Orçun Berham

Orçun Berham

Director of Photography
Engin Özkaya

Burç Alataş

Art Director
Ufuk Bildibay

İhsan Önal, Gül Arıcı, Levent Ünsal, Enis Yıldız, Işıl Zeynep, Eda Özel, Elif Çakmak, Toprak Mert Yadigar

Orçun Berham, Müge Özen

Production Company
Solis Film, LucidLab


In a dystopian Turkey, the government begins installing a new broadcasting system in all households in order to “unify” transmissions across the country. Mehmet, the caretaker of a crumbling apartment block, walks to work amid the clatter of construction. That same day, the government is scheduled to install a new aerial in the apartment building. When the assigned government worker falls from the roof and dies during the installation, Mehmet’s reality begins to shift. The aerial and programming it transmits begin to pose a threat to the apartment block residents, prompting Mehmet to seek out the malicious entity plaguing them.


Orçun Berham
Born in 1987. Behram completed a one-year international program in cinematography at the Prague film school, FAMU, before graduating from the Film Department of Columbia College Chicago in 2011. Since establishing himself in Istanbul in 2014, he has worked actively as a director and cinematographer on various projects ranging from short films and documentaries to music videos. Most recently, he wrote, produced and directed his first feature, Bina / Antenna under his own production company, Lucidlab Films.

Turkey, 2019
DCP, Colour