Series / Short Series Pitching Platform Open for Submissions!

The Antalya Film Forum, the industry sidebar of the 57th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival to be hosted by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality from October 3-10 2020, has opened submissions for this year’s inaugural Series / Short Series Pitching Platform! The Forum itself will take place from October 5-7.

Mindful of the growing role and importance of series/short series in the audiovisual industry and how this is changing the shape of the market worldwide, the Antalya Film Forum has dedicated a new section to series and short series. The move is a deliberate step towards supporting producers with series/short series projects for digital platforms, reaching out to new talent, and contributing to the development of creative content. A shortlist of five original projects will be pitched to representatives of national and international platforms and media.

The final deadline for submissions to the Series / Short Series Pitching Platform is Thursday, August 20 2020. Blue TV will award a TL 30,000 cash prize to use in the production of a teaser/pilot, the winner of which will be chosen by the Jury of this section. Talks are ongoing with other potential sponsors who will also be giving awards.

The Antalya Film Forum will be held online this year as part of Covid-19 precautions. The awards will be announced at a closing ceremony on Wednesday October 7 2020.

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