Projects Revealed for the Antalya Film Forum Features and Documentaries Work-in-Progress Platforms

Projects Revealed for the Antalya Film Forum Features and Documentaries Work-in-Progress Platforms

The initial lineup of projects participating in the Antalya Film Forum, the co-production market and project development platform of the 60th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, which the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will host between October 7-14 this year, has been announced.

The 10th Antalya Film Forum is scheduled for physical sessions between October 8 and 10, followed by online sessions from October 10-12. A total of 10 projects have been chosen for the Features and Documentaries Work-in-Progress Platforms, aimed at supporting projects in the final stages of shooting or post-production.

Features Work-in-Progress Platform Selections Revealed!
The Features Work-in-Progress Platform evaluated 21 submissions through a selection committee comprising Netflix Content Acquisition Manager Ekin Gabay, Director, Screenwriter, & Producer İlksen Başarır, and New Horizons International Film Festival Head of Industry Weronika Czołnowska.

Following the assessment, the chosen projects are Grace For Sale (Directors: Gözde Yetişkin, Emre Sert, Producers: Ender Sevim, Kerem Çelebi); The Cycle (Director: Erkan Tahhuşoğlu, Producer: İris Tahhuşoğlu, Co-Producers: Gazmend Nela, Selda Taşkın); On The Water Surface (Director: Zeynep Köprülü, Producer: Utku Zeka); This Beautiful Night (Director: Ozan Yoleri, Producers: Ilgım Coşar, Alara Hamamcıoğlu) and Those Who Whistle After Dark (Director: Pınar Yorgancıoğlu, Producers: Zeynep Ekmekçi, Bekir Yusuf Açıksöz, Furkan Besli, Dilde Mahalli, Co-Producers: Vanya Rainova, Sandra Müller, Michael Eckelt).

One project will be awarded TL 100 thousand in the Features Work-in-Progress Platform. One project chosen by the main jury will win the Jury Special Award valued at TL 50 thousand. This year, Netflix will also present the Netflix Features Work-in-Progress Platform Award worth TL 150 thousand for the first time. This category will also feature the Başka Sinema Distribution and Promotion Award and the Bando Post Color Grading Award.

Five projects will compete in the Documentaries Work-in-Progress Platform!
The selection committee consisting of CAT&Docs Head of Sales and Acquisitions Aleksandra Derewienko, writer-director Berna Gençalp, and IDFA Markets Manager and Producer Selin Melek Murat, selected five projects for the Documentaries Work-in-Progress Platform, to which 32 projects applied.

The chosen projects include Exam on the Edge of the Time (Director: İlkay Nişancı, Producer: Hakan Fıçıcı); Left Over (Director: Selen Heinz, Producers: Yeşim Ustaoğlu, Behrooz Hashemian); Out of the Walls (Director: Mehdi Shabani, Producers: Naomi Rene Cohen, Mehdi Shabani); Suburbia Underground (Director: Aysim Türkmen, Producer: Ela Başak Atakan); Whose Dream Are You Living? (Director: Mohammad Tabarsa, Producer: Mahnaz Tafaghi, Co-Producer: Gülce Öksüz).

The main jury will grant TL 100 thousand to one of the projects in the Documentaries Work-in- Progress Platform. Additionally, the GeniusPark Color Grading Award and Başka Sinema Distribution Award will be bestowed, along with the Documentary Association of Europe (DAE) Encouragement Award.

The 60th Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival is chaired by the Mayor of Antalya, Muhittin Böcek, and executive directed by Cansel Tuncer, while Ahmet Boyacıoğlu takes on the role of Festival director and Başak Emre of artistic director. The Antalya Film Forum is co-directed by Armağan Lale and Pınar Evrenosoğlu.